2019 Winners

UKIO 2019 Poster winners

Scientific / Research
1st Prize
P190 – Appropriateness of requests for CT aorta to rule out acute aortic syndrome (AAS) – Priya Agarwal

2nd Prize
P203 – MR only radiotherapy for prostate cancer: First UK clinical implementation – Jonathan Wyatt

Educational / Pictoral
1st Prize
P025 – A guide to the petrous apex for the general radiologist – Mirna Long

2nd Prize
P047 – Use your brain (window); breast cancer on CT – Nicholas Ridley

UKIO Peoples Poster Prize – P177 – Close or open MRI? – A focused management appointment journey for inpatients including the scanxious and corpulent from your ward to us – Apollo Exconde

UKIO Best Poster Prize – P136 – Evaluation of a novel imaging method to reduce patient dose while assessing “lost” intrauterine coil devices (IUCD) – Naomi Fenton

Runner Up – P235 – Interpretation and reporting of the initial chest x-ray (cxr) done in a&e on admission: clinician vs radiology – Yasmeen Zaki


1st Prize
E005 – Email helpline for non-urgent radiological advice – experience in North Wales – Johnson Chen

2nd Prize
E019 – What’s outside the box? Clinically relevant findings outside the spine on spinal MRI – Hyeladzira Thahal