Lamboo Mobile Medical

Lamboo Mobile Medical (Lamboo) is a global leading provider of high quality mobile and relocatable medical solutions. The company has been founded in 1957 and has its headquarters in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. Lamboo has a strong international focus with a strategy to work geographically with local established partners. At present Lamboo hold a strong network of 4 global assembly facilities based in UK, Brazil and USA. In Europe, Lamboo has a strong presence in the UK. For many, many years our mobile concept is highly appreciated within the NHS and its service partners. With an installed base of more than 200+ units we are the no 1 mobile partner for the NHS.

A unique building technique, allows the products of Lamboo Mobile Medical to perform in extreme outside environmental. With this manufacturing methodology Lamboo can guarantee an environment that reaches the highest image quality possible similar to the quality when carried out in traditional hospitals. The Lamboo quality standard is highly respected in the market by our customers and OEMs. For that reason, Lamboo is officially certified by all major OEMs on their latest equipment and technologies.

The Lamboo Mobile Medical product is used for:

  • Disaster Management (floods, earth quakes, terrorist attacks)
  • Preventive screening (Digital Mammography, TBC, Diabetics)
  • Specialized Diagnostic treatments (MRI, CT, Cath-Lab, PET/CT)

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