Research hub

The research hub was a new, exciting feature at UKIO 2023 – and part of our commitment to placing research at the heart of the congress – and returns for 2024.

The research hub is a dedicated space for researchers who would benefit from recruiting participants from the multi-professional attendees at UKIO. We are now inviting innovative research projects to be hosted within the research hub – if you are conducting research using surveys, focus groups or reader studies please submit your proposal by 23:59 on Sunday 24 March 2024. Those submitting proposals will be informed of decisions from 12 April.

Your proposal will need to include the following:
• Project title
• Project background (including the aim)
• Project methods (including population/sample, data collection methods, analytical methods)
• Anticipated sample size
• Time per participant

Please click here to submit your proposal.

If you have any questions about the research hub and submitting a proposal, please contact