APT Vision

APTVISION have created a unified Healthcare Information System embracing latest technologies to enable quicker and more effective outcomes for Patients, Clinicians, and Healthcare Providers. We have a unified total solution which includes end to end patient management workflow, but which can be modular and implemented as eleven individual packages or bundles to fulfil any brief and solve specific problems.
These include

  1. Patient Web booking
    Online booking from desktop, tablet or phone
  2. Patient Portal
    Online booking from desktop, tablet or phone
  3. Clinician web booking
  4. Clinician Portal
    On-line Referral, Results and Significant Findings
  5. Centralised network scheduling:
    Local, regional and multiple organisations
  6. Patient communication
    Two way SMS, e-mail, e-consent forms
  7. Core RIS
    Either Cloud or On-premise

    1. “Self-Service Package:
      Kiosks, Tablets & TV Monitors
  8. Shared and Home reporting
  9. Peer Review
    Including anonymisation of reports and setting targets
  10. Business Intelligence and AI Ready –
    real-time information on a custom dashboard|
  11. MDT Management

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